• May 19, 2024

Answering Your Questions About Alcohol Rehab

When a loved one is in alcohol rehab, we naturally want to know what goes on. What is our loved one learning? Is s/he learning it in an in-patient facility? Dr. Rinaldi explains in this Howcast video these and other questions.

It’s About Focus

Alcohol rehab facilities are in-patient facilities in which a 28-day regime is practiced. The purpose of the facility is for the patient to focus on rehab.

Video Source

The components of rehab such as behavioral therapy, support groups, and medications can only be useful if the patient is completely engrossed in them.

Families Learn How to Help

When the patient returns home, his/her family will need to know how to keep their loved one on the straight and narrow. The families are instructed on how to do this both with and without the patient in sessions at the facility.

What About Those Who Can’t Stop?

They need rehab the most. They know they’ll have 28 days away from a bottle, away from people who diss them, and with people who understand and support them.

Addiction isn’t pretty. Rehab is there to show alcoholics another way-a way to live clean and free. It’s intense, but it has to be to work.


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