• July 16, 2024

How Do You Place an NG Tube?

It’s the doctor’s or qualified nurse’s responsibility to place an NG tube in a patient. However, it’s also essential that parents of young infants and children know how it’s done. This prepares parents for what to expect. The YouTube video “NG tube education: How to place an NG tube” explains the process.

Video Source

The video informs viewers of the steps taken before inserting the tube. It looks at each phase of the process and highlights possible areas to be focused on.

Can I Insert My Own NG Tube?

Working with any medical device requires proper training. That’s why individuals should never try to insert their own NG tube. Only a doctor or trained practical nurse should insert an NG tube. Parents should get the necessary contact details whenever a child goes home with an NG tube. These numbers include the doctor’s or nurses’ contact numbers. The nurse or doctor can assist if the tube comes. It can be daunting if a parent doesn’t know what to do when the tube comes out. Having the doctor’s number on hand can give a parent peace of mind.

In most cases, the tube is in for up to six weeks. Keep in mind that specific scenarios may make it more challenging to insert an NG tube. Examples include esophageal narrowing or comatose patients.


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