• May 19, 2024

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

With the numerous health risks many women face as they get older, there are multiple questions they ask their doctors. One of those top questions they ask is how long they can safely be on HRT ( hormone replacement therapy) without being considered a high-risk candidate for cancer. While some doctors may suggest that you stop taking HRT after five years, other doctors have different opinions about it, causing some women to feel there are mixed messages regarding hormone replacement therapy. And there are!


Video Source

Rebecca Brightman spoke with Katie Couric recently, she said the research she found, which looked 18 years out, stated that the safety data was good. Because of that, there would be no reason for her to tell a patient to stop taking it after five years, especially with the proven benefits and her being healthy.

These benefits include keeping a women’s cardiovascular risk low and lowering the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. With these various benefits, the use of HRT should be individualized. And this is something women on HRT should discuss with their doctor annually.

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