• April 22, 2024

Health Benefits of Eating Seafood

Everyone should explore different ways to make your plate healthier, and incorporating more seafood into a weekly menu is a prime way to do this. Seafood offers many health benefits, so heading out to the local seafood restaurant could be a way to invest in a longer, healthier life.

Nutritionists have known for some time that the Mediterranean diet is one of the most heart-healthy in the world.

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One of the reasons for this is because it contains so much seafood. Seafood is very low in saturated fat, with some types of seafood containing zero grams of saturates. This makes it a much more healthy choice than, for example, red meat.

Seafood offers more benefits than a lower fat intake, though. Many types of fish provide Omega-3 fatty acids, linked to optimal brain function. Even vegans can benefit from seafood-based Omega-3, as it’s found in some algae.

Eating more fish and seafood could also lower the risk of having a stroke because most seafood contains a range of essential micronutrients the body needs to stay healthy and resilient.

Healthy eaters don’t have to give up red meat entirely. However, a couple of extra seafood-based meals a week or another trip to the seafood restaurant could bring huge benefits to a healthy lifestyle.

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